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Yasuo Kobayashi

Dear Colleagues,

The 11th Joint Rumen Symposium (JRS 2017) will be held in Centair Hall, Chubu International Airport, Tokoname, Japan, during the period of October 26 - 27, 2017. A vibrant scientific program is being planned for this opportunity. We have four esteemed scientists as plenary speakers – Professor Rod Mackie, University of Illinois, USA, Professor Chris McSweeney, CSIRO Brisbane, Australia, Professor Mark Morrison, University of Queensland, Australia, and Professor Leluo Guan, University of Alberta, Canada. More than 100 scientists in the field of nutrition, physiology and microbiology of ruminant animals and other herbivores will participate mainly from Japan, Korea and China. Approximately, half of them will be students who are keen to be inspired through this meeting.

Participants, especially oversea participants, can easily get access to the meeting venue Centair Hall that is located in Chubu International Airport. The venue is also close to the scenic city Nagoya by modern traffic network. Therefore, it is the ideal destination for the international delegates.

Join us in JRS 2017 at Centair, Japan, to contribute to the next phase of the rumen research for exploring possibilities to optimize or control animal function toward more efficient, safer and greener animal production.

Yasuo Kobayashi
President of Japanese Society for Rumen Metabolism and Physiology

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