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The 11th Joint Symposium of Japan-China-Korea on Rumen Metabolism and Physiology
October 26 - 27, 2017 @ Centrair Hall
 phileo   Phileo  Livestock farmers have to meet the growing demand for high-quality protein food products (milk and meat) to guarantee the safety of the increasingly demanding consumers (food safety, reduction in antibiotics use, etc.), in large volume and at a reasonable price to feed the planet. They are also faced with poor cereal quality, which affects animal health and performance. ...  Read more
Kasama Dairy and Beef Cattle Research Institute, Research and Development Division, Central Research Institute for Feed and Livestock
Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. 
Founded in 1946, ZENOAQ has been continuously providing for our satisfied customers. Started with breakthrough technologies in solid formulations (KOEN: mineral salt blocks), ZENOAQ is proud to be a leading company in the Japanese animal health industry. Having adopted a globalization policy with a shift in focus to biotechnology, ZENOAQ strive to introduce innovative and creative technologies throughout the world. ZENOAQ offers a wide range of expertise, including recombinant protein synthesis, pahge technology, antibody production, adjuvants and large-scale manufacturing.
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